Since the beginning of our company, we are professionals for the preparation of the CFR test engine. We are now expanding our portfolio with the BASF engine, which we exclusively manufacture.

CFR Test engine

The CFR test engine is one of the longest continuously produced machines in the world. The concept will also be retained in the future, as a computer-assisted simulation of the test methods will not be achieved so far and in the foreseeable future. Thanks to many years of experience and excellent contacts, MiBö GmbH is able to recycle old engines. The motors are disassembled into their smallest components, many new parts are installed and the electronics as well as the measuring technology are brought up to the latest state of the art. Products surpassed by MiBö exceed the quality of the original products. We specialize in the following CFR engines:

ASTM D2699 ASTM D2700 ASTM D 270

BASF Test engine

The BASF single-cylinder testing machine for the determination of the ignition performance of diesel fuels according to DIN 51773 – the so-called ‘Cetanzahlmotor’ – is both prepared and newly manufactured by MiBö GmbH. We go one step further and connect the machine to our computer-assisted operating and evaluation system: Cetanmaster 2. With this system we also equip engines that are in operation with our customers. Cetanmaster 2 is the logical development of a renowned measurement technology that improves the accuracy, clarity and speed as well as the data processing possibilities of the method. The long-term experience with the BASF engine has enabled us to build the engine ourselves and make it accessible to the market again.