Michael Böhnke <span style="font-size:12px">Business Leader</span>

Michael Böhnke Business Leader

Testing Engines Refurbished in Germany
Since the beginning of our company, we are professionals for the preparation of the CFR test engine. We are now expanding our portfolio with the BASF engine, which we exclusively manufacture. CFR Test engine The...
Our customers are well-known refineries and vehicle groups. Our exclusive offer is aimed at global companies that carry out fuel analyzes themselves. In the past, we have made very positive experiences in the cooperation with...
In addition to our factory building in Lohmar, the branch office of MiBö GmbH offers space for conferences with up to 30 participants. In the past, we have been able to take advantage of this...
In our premises, in our workshop and our engine test stands, we always offer maintainance courses. We teach the participants how to handle our CFR engines and our BASF engines. We train the participants in...

Welcome at Mibö

Since 2013, MiBö GmbH has been successfully established on the market. Our excellent network and the outstanding technical expertise in the field of test engine technology has ensured us steady growth and continuous success from the beginning.

Already in 1928, the Co-operative Fuel Research Committee decided that a standardized one-cylinder engine was the first step in the development of a fuel-knocking test method. Since then, the method of unification has been helping and promoting the cooperation of industry. Since that time, the machine has only been slightly modified and has been built around 5000 times. It continues to be the reference method for the determination and measurement of characteristics in combustion processes of fuels. The attempt to simulate the chemical processes and to replace the measuring method has so far failed repeatedly.

CFR Engines remain ‘state of the art’. MiBö has therefore set itself the goal of maintaining the pool of existing machines, prepares them according to the latest state of the art and directs one of the most renowned technologies of the 20th century into the 21st century. The engines machined by MiBö distinguish themselves through outstanding quality and perfect novelty down to the last detail.

Our expertise in the area of test engine technology extends to BASF test engines – the so-called ‘Cetanzahlmotor’ – which we are now rebuilding and thus make our customers available again.